Business storytelling: Put your story to work

Kevin Swayze business storytelling
Kevin Swayze, business storyteller and presentation coach.

Business storytelling is a powerful tool help you get your message heard by the people you want to hear it.

Connect with your customers.

Craft engaging sales presenations.

Build your brand online.

Personal, deliberate storytelling can do all that — and more.

Kevin Swayze helps you unearth, shape and empoweryour story so it cuts through the static of social media. Deliver your story so it attracts earned media attention. Employ business storytelling to earn postive attention in this age of distraction.

Focus on what your audience wants to hear

Kevin has 30+ years of journalism experience digging for the root of what’s going on. After writing thousands of stories on daily deadlines, Kevin knows key questions to ask when crafting your next blog post, shaping social media content or when responding to a request for proposal.

Business storytelling connects with your audience

Kevin helps you craft relatable messages, by applying Emotional Intelligence and proven narrative tactics. Honestly, transparency and empathy are powerful tools for building memorable sponsored contenct, sales presentationa or an elevator pitch to a investor.

Deliver your message with impact

Kevin coaches you on how effective ways to connect with your audience by expanding your toolkit of interpersonal tactics and online communication skills. You’ll learn how to engage and entertain people from the beginning to the end of every keynote speech you deliver.

Humans are wired for storytelling. We remember and share interesting things we’ve heard. Kevin helps you use the power of narrative to work to build your personal and business future.

Contact Kevin today to find out how he can help you build compelling, persuasive messages that are remembered and shared. Reach him by email; text or voice at 226-924-4237, or use the contact form below.