Business storytelling: Put your story to work


Humans are wired to connect by hearing and telling stories

Kevin Swayze business storytelling
Kevin Swayze, business storyteller and presentation coach.

Put the power of business storytelling to work when you want your message heard — and remembered.

Connect with your customers.

Craft engaging sales presenations.

Build your brand online and in person.

Personal, deliberate storytelling does that — and more.

Kevin Swayze helps you unearth, shape and empower your story so it cuts through the static of social media. He’ll guide you to give reporters what they want to boost your image in earned media opportunities. Business storytelling helps you win positive attention in our age of distraction

Give your audience what it wants

Kevin has 30+ years of journalism experience digging for the root of what’s going on. After writing thousands of stories on daily deadlines, Kevin knows how to zero in on the key issues. He asks questions to polish your next blog entry, craft a memorable Facebook post memorable or impress clients during your next business presentation.

Put business storytelling to work

Kevin crafts messages using Emotional Intelligence and proven journalism tactics. Honestly, transparency and empathy build memorable sponsored content, sales presentations or keynote speeches. Kevin prepares you for the moment your elevator pitch impresses an investor.

Deliver your message with impact

Kevin coaches you on how to effectively connect with your audience by expanding your toolkit of interpersonal tactics and online communication skills. Learn engaging and entertaining tactics of audience engagement. Hold everyone’s attention in the room from the first breath of your speech all the way to the closing applause.

Contact Kevin today to help you build compelling, persuasive messages that are remembered and shared. Reach him by email; text or voice at 226-924-4237, or use the contact form below.

Where to search for jobs in Cambridge, Kitchener and Waterloo, Ontario

When are you finished your career search? Photo by Photo by on Unsplash

I always wonder what path students take after leaving my Business Communications classes at Conestoga College in Kitchener.

Most are international students pursuing the dream of studying, living and working in Canada. In class, I shared tips to help them manage their culture shock. I tell them I an ready to help them after arriving in a place with cold weather, funny food and people who talk funny — like me.

They shared recipes, movie recommendations and gritty enthusiasm that inspires me. I learn more than I teach, as I continue my own a second career as a communications teacher.  

Sometimes, later on, I hear from them after they connect with me on my LinkedIn profile. I like the birthday greetings! I more usuallly receive messages looking for jobs or tips to polish their LinkedIn profile. They remembered how I repeated “put your LinkedIn profile to work for you” in class!

Now is the time to put all persuasion skills we talked about in class to work. It’s time to tell relatable stories that leads to a job interview. It’s time for engage storytelling with a personal purpose.

Use career support services

After graduation, my essential employment advice is the same as I offered in class. Use every support service and assistance available to you from Conestoga. You paid for it in your tuition.

I urge students to book a career support session at this link:

If you’re not a Conestoga graduate and looking for a job, I urge you to investigate alumni support services at the school you attended. Or, contact Conestoga to access their government-supported free career services:

I also share job postings in my social media feeds and job search links for the Cambridge, Kitchener and Waterloo area.

Government of Canada online Job Bank

Lutherwood community support services

Facebook job boards

Cambridge, Ontario Jobs (Lutherwood)

Opportunity jobs Kitchener-Waterloo

Jobs Available in Kitchener/Waterloo/Cambridge

Kitchener-Waterloo Jobs (Lutherwood)

Jobs in Kitchener Waterloo Group

What other job supports do you recommend in Cambridge, Kitchener or Waterloo? Please share information in the comments below.

Failure is the lesson? Try this Growth Mindset quiz

My Growth Mindset quiz results on April 18, 2022: I have some work to do. Screengrab from

Do you have a growth mindset? Or do you fear challenge and change?

They are questions I ask students in my COMM8400 Business Communications classes each semester at Conestoga College​. As I ask them to take an online quiz, I also log also answer the 20 questions myself.

I encourage you to take the quiz, too. Learn something about your readiness to face life’s challenges. Here’s the link:

My quiz result today: I have a growth mindset with some fixed ideas.

I have some work to do in my personal growth, apparently.

I notice variations in my quiz results, semester to semester. When things are going well, when I’m feeling successful, I remember having a higher growth-mindset score. When life is messier, I’m stressed and struggling, I remember I have a higher fixed-mindset score. I can’t help but note the relationship.

Personal growth

The big takeaway for me after teaching a lesson on Growth Mindset is always “skills and intelligence are malleable,” as Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck says.

Dweck’s research always reminds me of the power of smart goal setting, flexible thinking and embracing imperfection. It’s time for me to read her Growth Mindset book again.

Encouraging students to develop a growth mindset for personal and career success reminds me to walk the walk myself. It’s always better for a teacher to model the effective strategies that build my personal and business communication skills.

I have control of my life when I decide to take control of my life.

I have the ability to change and learn — and learn and change.

Challenges are a good thing because they’re hard and build my problem-solving mental muscle.

Embracing failure is a powerful way for my best learning opportunities to take root and grow.

What’s your plan to build a Growth Mindset?

To get you started, here are 20 guidelines from to read on your journey.