Shape your story.

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Kevin Swayze: lets find your story and make it memorable.

Tell a good story and people will listen to you, follow you and shout your praises.

I am ready to help you shape your story, so it resonates with audience you want to reach.

Cause and effect. ¬†People want to know more than statistics and numbers, buzzwords and hype. They want to know how and why something specific will impact them, their family or their friends. When someone emotionally connects with your story, they’ll have trouble forgetting your message.

Over three decades, I’ve learned how to turn tedious government reports, coffee-shop questions and reams of dull data into engaging stories that kept people engaged until the last word. News writing is about telling your readers what they want to know, before they know it. I am ready do the same with your story.

Today, crafting and delivering a great narrative has catchy description: strategic storytelling.

For me, it’s always been simple: ¬†find and tell a good story. Your good story.

Please contact me using the form below, so we can make your story memorable.