Your day not going as planned? Look for your three wins

Three wins? Perhaps this is the mindset I need on days when things aren’t going well.

As of noon today, I’ve reached two of Neal Foard’s three wins:

Spiritual Win

I’ve been out with the dogs walking under the trees to start my day, with no electronic device in hand.  I could have also meditated or prayed or cleaned my desk to help restore my spirit.  And I’ll head out for a walk at noon again in the sunshine.

Human Win

I shared my time with a good friend over coffee and talked about things neither of us can change but can learn from. And I shared an insight that might help his business.  I shared my kindness.

Physical Win

Later today, I’ll expose my body to some good stress.  I’ll spend some time on an exercise bike, getting ready for the summer of trail riding with my wife—then my daily isometric exercise and stretching before bed.

Two of three so far.  That’s a win, even if the rest of the day is bumpy. 

What will your three wins be today?

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