Kevin Swayze helps you find your story and put your story to work

Kevin Swayze has more than 30 years of storytelling experience in newspapers, magazines, online and in-person. He’s learned how to uncover stories and grab the attention of audiences.

He is ready to help you define, shape and deliver your story so it resonates with your target audience. He helps you put your story to work.

For 30+ years, he unearthed stories, shaped and delivered them in words and images. From translating bureaucratic reports into plain English to shaping and sharing key messages with empathy during a crisis, Kevin puts the power of storytelling to work.

Kevin started writing for money when he was 16 years old.  After school and between chores on the family farm south of Hamilton, Ontario, he researched and pitched stories to magazines in England and the U.S.

After graduating with honours from the Journalism program at Conestoga College in Kitchener, Kevin began a 30-year journalism journey, working at magazines and newspapers.

Then he transitioned his communications skills into public relations, working at a McMaster University and as Director of Communications in the constituency office of an Ontario government cabinet minister. He’s also a business communications professor at Conestoga College, in the School of Workforce Development. 

As a speechwriter and presentation coach, Kevin teaches clients how to embrace vulnerability, so their message connects and resonates with audiences in person and online.

Kevin uses SEO best practices to boost website traffic, along with crafting posts across social media.

So, what’s your story?

Whatever it is, Kevin will help you share it with effect, using skills, tactics and hard-won wisdom.  He offers content creation services ranging from business writing to publicity to social media planning. He coaches you to deliver persuasive presentations and speeches to connect with customers and co-workers. He helps you stay on message during media interviews. And he helps you define, protect and build your brand story.

Please contact Kevin using the form below, by email or by mobile: 226-924-4237.

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