Failure is the lesson? Try this Growth Mindset quiz

My Growth Mindset quiz results on April 18, 2022: I have some work to do. Screengrab from

Do you have a growth mindset? Or do you fear challenge and change?

They are questions I ask students in my COMM8400 Business Communications classes each semester at Conestoga College​. As I ask them to take an online quiz, I also log also answer the 20 questions myself.

I encourage you to take the quiz, too. Learn something about your readiness to face life’s challenges. Here’s the link:

My quiz result today: I have a growth mindset with some fixed ideas.

I have some work to do in my personal growth, apparently.

I notice variations in my quiz results, semester to semester. When things are going well, when I’m feeling successful, I remember having a higher growth-mindset score. When life is messier, I’m stressed and struggling, I remember I have a higher fixed-mindset score. I can’t help but note the relationship.

Personal growth

The big takeaway for me after teaching a lesson on Growth Mindset is always “skills and intelligence are malleable,” as Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck says.

Dweck’s research always reminds me of the power of smart goal setting, flexible thinking and embracing imperfection. It’s time for me to read her Growth Mindset book again.

Encouraging students to develop a growth mindset for personal and career success reminds me to walk the walk myself. It’s always better for a teacher to model the effective strategies that build my personal and business communication skills.

I have control of my life when I decide to take control of my life.

I have the ability to change and learn — and learn and change.

Challenges are a good thing because they’re hard and build my problem-solving mental muscle.

Embracing failure is a powerful way for my best learning opportunities to take root and grow.

What’s your plan to build a Growth Mindset?

To get you started, here are 20 guidelines from to read on your journey.