Jargon always gets my attention, but probably not how you intended

Jargon in your business writing immediately gets my attention.

It’s jarring for me when I trip unexpectedly on those special words or acronyms only understood by your in-crowd.

As an outsider, I wonder if you understand what you are talking about at the moment I am trying to understand what you are talking about.

I don’t think that’s an effective communication tactic.

Jargon hurts business communication, in print or spoken delivery. Don’t take shortcuts. Describe what’s happening. Imagine you know little or nothing about the topic. Help your audience understand, instead of annoying it.

Over 30 years as a journalist, I spent much of my time deciphering jargon in business and government reports. I don’t recall jargon ever helping me understand. I only kept reading because I was paid to keep reading.

Descriptive words, delivered in short sentences, are your friends.

Thanks to Kinda Gorman for this Twitter wisdom…