Yard waste curb side collection returns to Cambridge March 25, 2024

The return of yard waste bags to curbs are a sure sign of spring in Cambridge, like Snowdrop flowers blooming and Robins singing.

At-the-curb yard waste collection begins in Cambridge the week of March 25-29, 2024. As usual, it’s also a green bin and blue box collection day.

Alternating-week yard waste collection ends in the week of November 18-21, 2024, according to the region’s 2024 waste collection calendar.

The region changed its recycling contract on March 2, 2024, moving to a Ontario-wide operation run by Circular Materials.  

No changes are planned for curbside pickup of yard waste, blue box, green bin, garbage or bulky items.

What changes is who you contact with questions about blue box pickup or getting a replacement blue box. It’s now Miller Waste Services, not region waste management officials.